Bhagheeratha has the technical expertise and machinery in constructing the highways and roads which demand high quality construction to meet tomorrow’s traffic needs, like

 130 km. Long State Highway in Mizoram for Mizoram PWD
 126 km. Long World Bank aided Road Project in Kerala
 72 km. Long 4 lane Highway Project on NH-2, at Etawah in U.P
 19.2 km. 4 Lane Highway on NH-17 at Salem in Tamil Nadu
 14 km. Long 4 Lane Highway bypass and bridge on NH – 2 at Etawah in Uttar Pradesh.

For National Highways Authority of India, KSTP etc.



Vasai Creek Bridge constructed for Western Railway in Bombay has many unique features to its credit. Length of 1358 M and 534 M respectively consists of prestressed box girders of 48.5 M span. The large –span prestressed concrete bridge constructed the very first time for Indian Railways. The only bridge in Asia constructed utilizing the power of nature in launching of girders by making use of tidal variations. The fastest launching of girders in the country was achieved across sea in this project to the tune of 388 M per month. Winner of S.B. JOSHI National Award for the Most Outstanding Bridge in the year 1992 for technical innovativeness and excellence in construction.


Bhagheeratha has successfully constructed a new additional bridge from KM 145/7 to KM 146/1 across the river Ganga at Allahabad, for Northern Railway. Span length 105 KM. Well foundation of double ‘D’ shape, 40 M deep. Substructure comprised twin circular solid piers of 2.5 M diameter. Superstructure consisted of pre-cast prestressed concrete box girders. Won the prestigious Most Outstanding Bridge National Award by the Indian Institute of Bridge Engineers in the year 1996 for excellence in construction.


The Kalinadi major bridge was constructed for Konkan Raiway Corporation. Bridge length 1.28 KM. RCC Pile Foundation. RCC Mass Concrete Substructure. PSC Box Girders(41 span of 30.5 M each) in Superstructure..


Aroor – Kumbalam Railway Bridge was constructed with a combination of well and pile foundations. The longest Railway Bridge in Kerala with a length of about 1 KM. First Railway Bridge in India adopting segmental construction technology. Superstructure consisting of pre-cast, prestressed segmental type box girders..


A major bridge constructed across the river Periyar at Varapuzha in Kerala, for M.O.S.T & National Highways is of cantilever type which involves intricate construction techniques.

 Caisson Floating Technique was adopted successfully in a water depth of 19 M to 21 M experiencing high tide variations of 4 to 5 meters and water currents at 4 – 5 m/sec, towards upstream and subsequently to downstream directions.

 Balanced Cantilever type superstructure.
 First bridge to have shock transmission units to withstand seismic shocks to arrest 450 tones shock load within one second, due to earthquakes.

 Won two National Awards in 1999 and 2001 for the Most Outstanding Bridge from the Institute of Bridge Engineers.


The Twai Railway Bridge on Jamu-Udhampur Railway line for Northern Railway. It features: 53 meter high piers constructed using slip form method. Balanced Cantilever Superstructure on 53 meter piers – an engineering marvel. Won the National Award for the Most Outstanding Bridge from the Institute of Bridge Engineers for the year 1998.


We have constructed a Road over Bridge at km. 85/1-2 of MG track at Margoa, for Konkan Railway Corporation Limited in June 1997 for a total value of Rs. 39.40 million on record time vide Agreement No. KR/GOA/W/AG/0402 dated 03.11.1995.


The Company’s performance in the field of bridge construction further includes several bridges: For Koraput-Rayagada Railway Line(where slipform shuttering was used for piers of 40 M high) and a number of bridges, Road Over-Bridges and Road Under-Bridges constructed for Konkan Railway Corporation in the recent past as well as the Feroke and Ranni bridges in Kerala.



The construction of a 92.5 m high & 440 m long Rockfill dam across the river Doyang for the North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited, Shillong, valued Rs. 1556 million, was completed one year ahead of schedule. This is one the biggest rockfill dams in Asia. The rock blasted from quarry 17 km away from the dam site was transported by means of an Aerial Ropeway System, in addition to Road Transport using 25 MT capacity dumpers. We have achieved 16,632 cum of rockfilling in a single day and continued the tempo during the peak period; probably a record by itself.


Design and construction of a major earthen cum masonry cum concrete dam 45 M high and 700 M long, on turnkey basis for Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board. The project cost is about Rs. 150 million.


Bhagheeratha has successfully executed the project, Design and construction of a 30 M high Earthen Dam, Approach Roads, Garland Drains, spillway etc. for Red Mud Pond Disposal System at Damanjodi, Orissa for NALCO.


Excavation and removal of 4.5 million Bank Cubic meter overburden in the footwall regions at the present pit of Malanjkhand Copper Project in Madhya Pradesh for a total value of Rs. 130 million involving 3.5 m3 of earthwork, 1 million m3 hard rock excavation etc. The height of the earthen dam is 10 meters.


Bhagheeratha was awarded the contract for raising the height of the existing Earthen Dam from 30 M to 45 M, at Damanjodi. The project was successfully carried out on time.



Bhagheeratha successfully constructed 24 KMs of Main Canal for a total value of Rs. 1260 million for the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Project in Gujart; one the largest irrigation networks in the world.


A major irrigation project at Kakatiya aided by World Bank, for the Sriramsagar Project in Andhra Pradesh, costing Rs. 262 million, was constructed and handover to the client on schedule.


Remodelling works of the power channel between the head works and balancing reservoir, de-silting and de-weeding of the balancing reservoirs, colony road proving kerb stones and bridge works at Shivasamudram and Shimshapura in Karnataka, for Visweswaraya Vidyut Nigam Limited, completed successfully on 31st July 2002. The salient features include, 165,530 sq. m de-weeding in SBR & NBR reservoirs, 170,000 cum of de-silting, 2 KM long earthen bund. The date of commencement of the project was 10.01.2001. The total outlay put to tender was 13.98 crore.


Over a period of time Bhagheeratha has gained expertise in Tunneling in different types of strata. The length of tunneling done by Bhagheeratha so far aggregates to a total of nearly 20 KM. Construction of six major tunnels for the Koraput – Rayagada Railway line project in Orissa and six major tunnels for the Konkan Railway Corporation in Karnataka and Goa, stand testimony to the capacity of Bhagheeratha for executing tunnel works. The GT2 tunnel in Panaji section having a length of 3.40 km for a contract sum of Rs. 48.2 million – completed in December 1996. The alignment of this tunnel was dune curved and gradient to a length of 3.4 km. It bears an ample testimony to Bhagheeratha’s expertise to the center line of the drilling done from both sides to meet at an accuracy tolerance of 1 m.m Imported Drill Jumbos were utilized for the tunnel drtilling operations. In this project, Tunnel No. 8 in Karwar section having a length of 2.96 km was completed in May 1996, with a project cost of Rs. 59 million . The tunnel cross-section was horse-shoe shaped with a height of 7.5 meter and 6.5 m dia. Imported Drill Jumbos were utnilised for drilling operations. Tunnel No. 5 in Honavar of Karwar section for a value of Rs. 40.7 million, was completed in December 1996. The tunnel cross section was horse-shoe shaped with a height of 7.5 m and 6.5 m diameter. GT-3 Paid Tunnel having a length of 500 meter for a value of Rs. 13.8 million and Ramthirth Cut & Cover tunnel for a total cost of Rs. 40.5 million having a length of 0.8 km, was completed in April 1996.


The Company has the privilege of bagging the contract for the turnkey job including design, detailed engineering, supply, erection and commissioning of mechanized Cement Handling facilities for rail transport in the New Southern Cement Plant at Al-Muthanna, Samawa, Iraq, against stiff competition from International giants. The scope of work was right from the Design to Commissioning of the mechanised systems with the capacity to handle 8000 to 9000 bags of cement per hour and 300 tones per hour in bulk. This prestigious job, costing about US$15 million was successfully completed and the Company’s performance was highly appreciated by the clients.


Foundation of embankments and cross-drainage works valued at US$ 50 million for Mussayed-Kerbala-Najaf-Kufa-Samawa Railway Project, Iraq, was carried by the company successfully in association with Indian Railway Construction Company Limited. In appreciation of the satisfactory performance, another similar project, Cement Factory Branch Line Project, valued at US$ 15 million was also entrusted to BHAGHEERATHA.


Bhagheeratha has successfully constructed TG foundations, civil works for Power House, Coal Handling Plants, Switch Yard, Transformer Yard etc. for Power Plants & Several Civil and Structural works for Industrial Projects. The Company has executed successfully the Concrete and allied works for Aircraft Shelters at Abu Dhabi which includes 445,000 cum of concrete, 331,700 sq. of formwork and 31,000 MT reinforcement bar. Further, the Company has completed the construction of 13 building for Fisheries Manpower Development Centre, PDRY, South Yemen, Civil works for Mobile Telephone and Paging Systems in Kuwait etc.


Bhagheeratha Engineering Limited has under taken major Pipeline works for the Petroleum and Industrial sectors in association with their subsidiary companies. Some of the major jobs undertaken by them for different projects are :-
 2000 MT Pipeline work for Super Tanker/Fertilizer Berth at Cochin Prot Trust.
 18.5 Km Long Oil Pipelines for transfer of Petrol, Diesel and Naphtha for Bharath Petroleum Corporation in Orissa.
 24 Km underground and 15 Km terrestrial pipeline for National Aluminum Company Limited in Orissa.
 34 Km long pipeline for Bangalore Water Supply & Sewage Board.
 Piping works for Captive Power Plant of Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited, Cochin.


Bhagheeratha Engineering Limited has also completed many contracts in association with its subsidiary companies for Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection works including major offshore works for the Oil and Petroleum Industry. These include:-
 Fabrication and erection of Offshore Platform structures in Mangalore year for Mazagon Dock Limited – 6500 MT.
 Fabrication and erection of Jack Up Rig 7.70 in Mazagon Yard – 2500 MT.
 Fabrication and Assembly of Deck and Heli missioning of Deck for BH-22 offshore platform for Hindustan Shipyard Limited, Vizad – 1400 MT.
In addition to the above mentioned specialty works Bhagheeratha along with its subsidiary company has also executed major quantities of Structural, Industrial and other Fabrication and Erection works.


Some of the major power transmission works undertaken by BHAGHEERATHA along with its Group Company are as list below:-
 Laying of 25 km of 110 KV double circuit transmission line from Edamalayar to Chalakudy for Kerala State Electricity Board.
 Erection and stringing of 400 KV Double Conductors Transmission line at Jabalpur for a length of 25 km which includes the foundation works of tower in association with Indian Railway Construction Company Ltd., for National Thermal Power Corporation.
 Providing earth mat a 220 KV sub-station, cannanore for Kerala State Electricity Board.