Our Achievements Abroad

Bhagheeratha had stepped in its maiden venture abroad by undertaking a subcontract from M/s. Indian Railway Construction Co. Limited and grew to a level that Bhagheeratha could bag a contract; Cement Factory Branch Line, in its own name within 18 months. We have executed totally four works in Iraq, from 1981 till 1990; until the outbreak of the Gulf War.
In appreciation of the successful completion of the turnkey contract awarded by SECIDAC, for the new Southern Cement Plant at Al-Muhanna, Samawa, Iraq, Bhagheeratha was awarded with the expansion of the second Baiji Fertilizer Plant construction work also; but had to leave Iraq half way due to the Gulf War in 1990.
Bhagheeratha has successfully executed the concrete and allied works for Air Craft Shelters at Abu Dhabi which includes 445,000 m3 of concrete, 331,7000 m2 of formwork and 31,000 MT of reinforcement bar.
Further , the Company has completed construction of 13 buildings for Fisheries Manpower Development Centre, PDRY, South Yemen.
The Company has executed civil work for Mobile Telephone & Paging System in Kuwait.