One of the India’s largest multi divisional corporate conlgomarates in the industry of Civil Engineering and construction. Celebrated the 27th Anniversary in 2003. Bhagheeratha pours its commitment to excellence in quality management, customer service, ethical business practice, all its hopes and dream for the future in to every venture it undertakes, Bhagheeratha shows a Steady growth from Rs.3 million project turn over to Rs.1420 million in the year 2002-2003. Innovation and commitment are the ingredients of Bhagheeratha saga. Bhagheeratha shares the dream of global village ‘in this dynamic new economic order of WTO, where it can serve and grow to the true potential.
The globalization ushers a new era in the engineering and construction industry as the developments take a faster pace. The infrastructure of a nation determines and improves the quality of its human life and preserves the environment Bhagheeratha has taken part in the expansion of nations infrastructure vide its various prestigious projects such as large value roads, high ways, bridges, dams, canals, tunnels, industrial structures, turnkey jobs etc. Bhagheeratha has successfully completed so many projects in the country and has expanded its wings to the Middle East too. Majority of projects executed by Bhagheeratha has become land marks in the nation.
Bhagheeratha is poised for creating new values in quality management in total projects execution right from the planning to completion. Values are seasoned with knowledge and tempered with experience. The reinforced work force of Bhagheeratha headed by the well seasoned hair care professionals in the helm of affairs and armed with the state of art plant and equipment is on the move delivering superior customer satisfaction.
A glimpse of the Bhagheeratha saga.
Bhagheeratha has the technical expertise and machinery in constructing the highways and roads which demand high quality construction to meet tomorrow’s traffic needs Bhagheeratha has 5 major highway projects on hand for National Highways Authority of India KSTP etc.
Top Exporters Shield 1986-87
Top Exporters shield being received by Mr.V C Antony Managing Director from Mr.P Chidambaram honorable Union Minister in recognition of highest export performance during the year 1986-87 in the category of Civil Engineering Contractors.
Turnkey Industrial Project 1987-88
All India’s special shield for turnkey industrial project. Exporters for the year 1987-88 being received by Mr.M.K Chacko, Jt.Managing Director from Mr. Dinesh Singh, honorable Union Minister.
Top Exporters Shield 1989-90
The regional top exporters shield for the year 1989-90 being received by K.C Joseph, Director from Mr.P Chidambaram, honorable Union Minister for achieving the highest export performance
National Award 1992
Most Outstanding Bridge National Award in the year 1992 for Vasai Creek Bridge.
National Award 1996
Third Most Outstanding Bridge National Award – 1996 for Curzon Bndge being received by Mr.Tomy C Madathil Executive Director (M & P)
National Award 1998
Fifth Most Outstanding National Award 1998 for Tawi Rall Bridge sub – structure
National Award 1999
Sixth Most Outstanding Bridge National Award 1999 for the Varapuzha bridge super structure.
National Award 1999
Sixth Most Outstanding Bridge National Award for Bassein Creek a Bridge 1999 substructure.
National Award 2001
Eighth Most Outstanding Bridge National Award 2001 for Bassein Creek Bridge.